Now|Then is a performance that takes you on a journey through the streets of Hull, where your home is the backdrop, the live city is the stage, and your memories are the story.

Through your window, somewhere amongst the passing images of the buildings, the statues, and the fountains, beyond the rivers, the gardens, and the bridges, there is a little boy, and he’s walking. He is alone, lost, and searching, and as his journey becomes your journey something will change.

The sights that you once knew will become unfamiliar. The memories you once had will become uncertain. But the city, this city now, will become yours.

Now|Then is a twenty-minute taxi ride that can accommodate up to six people. Beginning and ending at Victoria Pier, passengers will be driven around the city in a performance that literally puts the theatre in to Hull. Each individual Now|Then journey is informed by the memories and stories of its new set of passengers, accompanied by a soundtrack that blends music, narration, conversation, and observation.

The performance can be experienced with the soundtrack alone or, alternatively, with the addition of a live performer and can be booked throughout the ‘Roots and Routes’ season of the City of Culture year.


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