Hull Photos

Hull Photos

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Still Occupied…

a View of Hull

I will add a ‘new’ picture of Hull from the 1980s every day throughout 2017 (and beyond) to this web site of my pictures. There are currently around 185 pictures on the site, from all areas of Hull, arranged roughly by area.

From the middle of the 1970s I worked on a photographic project on Hull, making regular visits to the city, and culminating in a show at the Ferens Art Gallery in 1983, though I’ve continued to visit the city and to take photographs since then.

They concentrate on the physical fabric of the city which was then in the throes of a massive redevelopment. It seemed to have learn nothing from the mistakes I had seen and fought against in the previous decade in Manchester and to be a city that had largely turned its back on its heritage.

Although most of the 146 images from the show will be on the site, many of the pictures that I will be posting have not before been published or exhibited. I am also visiting Hull again this year, (starting net week) and hope to give some presentations and/or workshops later this year, as well as possibly exhibitions and working on a new photographic project in the city.

The pictures include the one from Argyle St in 1979 which provided me with the title for the exhibition and book.


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